About BKH

“Painful Body Image is the final frontier of women’s disempowerment. Nothing is holding us back now except ourselves. It’s time to take our power back.”

~Julie Norman, Body Image Guru

“I feel FAT!” Ah, the mantra of the modern day woman. Fat talk is as common as small talk these days with 85% of women reporting body dissatisfaction and eating disorders affecting more women than breast cancer. Our culture is obsessed with weight, food, dieting and exercise even though 95% of the time this approach fails to create lasting peace and true health. Fighting with our bodies is ineffective at best, at worst Diet Drama keeps us from living and enjoying life to the fullest.

Oddly enough, you can hear women of all shapes and sizes state “I feel FAT.”  That’s because body image goes way deeper than the scale and cellulite. I’ve yet to meet a women who’s found peace, health and empowerment through war with her body. What I have seen is painful body image starve women of happiness, energy, clarity, love and more. This has troubled me since I recovered  myself so I’ve committed my work to changing it because I believe it changes the world.AF5A6127

“If the women of the world were comfortable, the world would be a comfortable place.”

~Samual Zinn   

The BKH PEACE Approach addresses the roots of painful body image and diet drama providing essential soul skills that move us from surviving to thriving through 3 limbs:

Peaceful body image is…

your birthright!  Instead of “feeling FAT” (which is about way more than weight) you feel FREE.  It’s relief from Body Karma: inherited fear, guilt and shame around the female body and “shakti” the Divine Feminine creative force within us. Peaceful body image is essential for realizing peace with food and settling into a balance body weight. It’s the foundation of a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.

Eating & exercise Alignment is…

honoring body wisdom to direct when, what, and how much to eat and move. It applies mindfulness of the body’s experience to inform our behavior so it lines up with overall well-being. This allows weight to balance itself naturally without force. Guided internally by love vs externally by fear, this practice fosters sustainable lifestyle changes and liberates our prana (life force) to focus on what truly matters.

Creative Expression is…

necessary to heal away layers of ego and happens naturally when we stop fighting with our bodies. The True Self shines through empowering us to action (karma) in living our dharma (cosmic purpose). Living our light is the greatest service (seva) we can offer the world…and it’s FUN!

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