BIG Books

Clients often ask for book recommendations to help them better understand yoga and the BKH PEACE Approach.  I’ve created The BIG Book List to meet that need.  These are my top picks for reading to support your healing.  With each listing I share a bit about my own experiences with the book.  Feel free to share your suggestions for growing this resource.



Eating in the Light of the Moon by Anita Johnston:
Love, love, love.  I first read this as a dietetic student in the early stages of my ED recovery.  I never felt more validated.  Years later I traveled to Hawaii to work professionally with the author not realizing I was totally burned out.  I was sleep walking through life though “better” by conventional standards.  My soul recovery began at that retreat.
Body Karma Healing was born out of the reawakening I had on the BIG Island with Ms. Johnston.  Let it help you return home to your wholeness too.


Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic by Darren Main:
Beautiful book on the basic spiritual tenants of yoga with practical stories  of how they can work their magic in modern life.  This was recommend by a friend who did a workshop with Darren in which she cried tears of release and joy the entire time.


Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth:  Simply amazing.  Ms. Roth is a yogi at heart.  Meditation ultimately set her free from compulsive eating and the self-hate that accompanies it.  It also inspired her work.  At Kripalu the year this book came out, a friend and I found ourselves dining right next to Geneen in the cafeteria as other fans ate on the floor in the hall in an attempt to get near her.

NourishingTheTeacherNourishing the Teacher by Danny Arguetty:  On that same Kripalu trip I took only 1 yoga class.  The teacher was the kindest, most gentle young man I’d ever met.  I stayed after to personally thank him for the transcendent session.  It was only then he humbly offered his card and shared about this recently released work.  The name of the book alone gives me chills.  You feel nurtured just holding it.  Forget Kindle.  Give yourself the gift of Danny’s sustainably published masterpiece.  Great for yoga students and teachers alike.



The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo:  What do rock star Steven Tyler and I have in common?  A lot actually but that’s a longer story.  One thing is neither of us will leave the house without reading our Nepo!

This book is powerful. 

Given to me by a client when it was first released, my copy is so tattered and torn it looks like it’s been through the washing machine.  Set up as daily readings that include a quote from the author or another great teacher (there’s even some Bible scripture), then a brief writing and a simple meditation, it’s a great way to begin touching upon the practice of presence.


Divining the Body by Jan Phillips:
Never met Jan Phillips but I will soon.  I plan to attend DiviningTheBodyPicone of her writing workshops at The Muse Lodge to pull my first book together! This work was my “gateway” into the energy body and my understanding that body image was about WAY more than media images.  Both autobiographical and practical you’ll learn her story while simultaneously uncovering yours.  She provides unique experiential exercises to help heal below the surface.



The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz:  Short, simple and to the point.  I personally know at least 20 people who claim this book changed their lives.  I revisit it often and, in fact, have been known to throw it at clients (just kidding).  I have threatened to throw it at people when they are letting their vritti mind run the show creating suffering.  Live by these agreements and you’ll rarely feel fat or eat out of alignment.



Coming Home to Myself by Marion Woodman & Jill Mellick:  This fabulous little book will take you deep into your heart to understand and heal the disconnect between body and soul.  Incredibly helpful in helping us heal our relationship to others as well.  Simple sacred writings capture the depth of Ms. Woodman’s seminal work on reclaiming the Divine Feminine.  A great book to keep by your bedside.


The Triple Goddess Tarot by Isha Lerner: One of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever received (thanks Crystal Pirri of!  This book and card deck combo is a source of great support along my journey.  I often pull cards with clients in private sessions.  The book includes an awesome introduction into the world of spiritual healing and teaches about the many manifestations of goddess guidance throughout the ages.  The deck includes 7 chakra cards as well.  The offering blends all the great wisdoms traditions into and easily accessible resource.