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This book was such a challenge to create as these are poems straight out of my own personal journals (#vulnerability!). I had to do it though because they capture the process of healing rather than just telling you how to do it. Though I always thought my first book would be just that, a “how to,” it became clear to me that first I had to share myself fully if I was going to encourage anyone else to do the same.

And I plan to keep sharing because, like you, I continue to heal and grow everyday. It’s not easy, but it’s essential for our own health and happiness and for that of all humanity. Click this pic to order your copy or catch me at my next event to get a signed one plus a BIG hug!

Special thanks to Kathleen Pichola for not only editing, but serving as a midwife to help me bring this forward. And to Jim for courageously sharing his heart through his art as well. I am forever grateful. Surf over to Lightworks Wonders for even more amazing treasures.

See you on the path…