Chakra Six: Seeing The Way


Chakra Six: Ajna

Light, Archetypal identity, Self-reflection

Known as the third eye center this chakra is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively.  When healthy we can both see things as they truly are in the present, and what is possible beyond the now.  Our thoughts are clear and focused and we can easily visualize dreams and make them reality.

Healing does not come WomanTouchingAjna
from anyone else,
you must accept guidance
from within.
~A Course in Miracles
Stop learning.  Start knowing. ~Rumi

 I have absolutely no idea how many calories I eat in a day.  Seriously.  I giggled as I reflected on this after someone I haven’t seen in a while went on and on about how great I looked.  Her eyes lit up as she expected to receive some secret dietitian witchcraft around how to “control” weight.  Poor thing.  It was a bit heartbreaking to watch her thin fantasy bubble pop before my eyes when I told her I simply eat and move intuitively, or as I like to call it, eating and exercise in alignment (with body wisdom).  That I don’t try to control my weight at all.

This chakra is the homeland of our intuition, knowing through direct experience.  We come into this world fully equipped with all we need to know to be the fullest expression of our amazing Selves.  This includes caring for our bodies so they’re healthy thereby allowing us to enjoy the gift of being here on Earth.  Forgetting is the problem.  Being scared and shamed out of our own inner wisdom is the root cause of eating and body image issues.

Inundation with messages that we’re not enough, unworthy and that our emotions and bodies are not to be trusted causes the war within that wrecks havoc on wellness.  Part of healing from “The FAT Experience” and diet drama involves clearing negative thoughts, beliefs and images that aren’t even ours.  Meditation opens the pathway to this innate intelligence that will accurately guide you in knowing when, what and how much to eat and move.  It also aids in correcting distortions in how you see yourself.  Use this week’s B.I.G. offering to release blocks in this sacred energy center and empower yourself to vibrant health on all levels.

Ajna Chakra Meditation-Click HERE




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