Chakra Three: Ready for Action



From the sacred waters of the divine feminine in svadhisthana we flow into the fire and the more masculine energy of charka three: manipura.  Think of the sun, as pictured here, illuminating your body and path of healing.  Also known as the solar plexus chakra, this houses our sense of Self, confidence and personal power.

When balanced here, we feel comfortable in our skin and free to let our light shine.  We can express our individuality, free from ego, with a quiet sense of certainty about who we are and what we stand for.  This is our inner compass pointing to Atman, the True Self.

When manipura is compromised, we are shy or overbearing, uncertain of our capacity to lead.  We tend to leak personal power bartering it for the approval of others.  We may find it difficult to set and maintain healthy boundaries or stand up for ourselves and our beliefs.  We struggle with authority, are defensive and constantly feel the need to prove our value.

This is a BIGGIE when it comes to eating in alignment.  Located right at the physical stomach most women were taught to suppress the sensations sent from this power point.  This is the real downside of dieting.  By fighting to control physical hunger we deplete our personal power and actually end up losing control in the long run.  HELLO!  Restriction (dieting) almost always leads to overeating or binging.

Watch the video below for more on mighty manipura and what to do instead of constantly try to control your body and food.  Join me for a few simple postures to re-empower yourself towards authentic health and being the real YOU!

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