Chakra Two: Go with the Flow


It’s the most life giving substance on earth and one that is also greatly feared by many.

From the stillness and stability of the earth in chakra one this week’s blog takes us into the second chakra: svadhisthana.  This energy center is associated with the element of water and our emotional identity.  In order to give you a better feel of Body Karma Healing I’m launching my first video blog right now!  Drink it in, explore the practices and share your experiences if you like.


Feeling the love,



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  1. I was at the ASDAH conference and have clicked on your website for the first time. I loved your video lesson and plan on sharing it and watching it over and over. I feel so at peace with myself and it brought tears as I moved and breathed. Thank you from my heart.

    • Thank you Sandy! It was such a pleasure to meet you, I think we ate lunch together on Sunday, right? I appreciate the feedback. This is such a labor of love and it keeps me going to hear the work is touching people.

      BIG luv,

  2. Great job Julie! Your work is an absolute blessing to women all over the globe. You are so gifted at what you do. I look forward to watching your work gain momentum and grow exponentially.

    With love, Dale

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