Chakra One: You’re Grounded!


GirlPoutingRemember getting grounded as a kid.  It sucked right?  It meant you behaved out of alignment somehow and therefore had to sit still and reflect on how your actions affected you and possibly others.

While getting stopped in your tracks was uncomfortable, you returned to life with new insight and likely conducted yourself more mindfully.  It may have felt like punishment but getting grounded served you well.  It helped you center, to come back into balance, and therefore enabled realignment with what was most effective, safe and self-supportive.

GROUNDING is the principle of the 1st charka: MULADARA.  It’s an essential tool for PEACE.  Being ungrounded is the NUMBER ONE reason we feel FAT, eat/exercise out of alignment and hold back from being our biggest and best Selves.

Other definitions for grounded are:
-a power source being connected to the ground in case of a electrical surge
-mentally and emotionally stable 

You are a power source.  That energy body mentioned in the first blog acts much like the electrical energy we’re familiar with from science class.  When grounded in the body you’re “stable” enough to deal with “surges” of emotion inherent to the life experience.  These can move through you, down into the earth, instead of getting stuck and blowing you out.  Most of us are ungrounded due to hectic lifestyles and disconnection from our bodies because of a culture that values mind over matter.  Yoga teaches us how to ground proactively instead of waiting until something happens that takes us out of the game against our will.

Muladara means “root support.”  This first energy center is our foundation.  Just as a tree needs strong roots to grow tall and weather storms, we need to be grounded so we may move with the winds of life without getting knocked down.

MountainThe element of the first chakra is EARTH which relates to our body, home, finances, work, relationships and the environment.  It represents physical identity- the ability to identify with the body and it’s needs.

The purpose of muladhara is self-preservation, to make sure we survive physically so we can continue our souls’s journey through this life.

Each chakra corresponds to a basic human right.  Muladara supports our “right to be here.”  Literally it defends our right to be an embodied soul on Earth.  This information alone illustrates the huge impact energy imbalances have on body image.  Furthermore, it shows that changing the body itself is not a path to peace.  In fact, a focus on doing so further imbalances the root charka perpetuating a vicious cycle of Fear, Anxiety and Tension that feeds damaging health practices and heavy feelings of guilt and shame.

Rather than try to alter our body to feel safe, supported, calm and peaceful we need to tend to this foundational energy center and the areas in our lives that relate to it through grounding practices.  Much like when we were kids, we need opportunities to simply sit out of all the activity and come back to our own center.  Yoga philosophy holds that our true nature is that of peace and love.  Not that we are wrong or bad.  Being out of balance, feeling insecure or scared is what causes “bad behavior.”  It’s not our default setting.

When we’re grounded eating well is easy, enjoyable and drama free.  We embrace our bodies no matter what the culture says about the way they should look.  The body is also free to transform if that’s necessary for optimal health and well-being.  We feel free to move as our body sees “fit,” and rest when that’s what’s needed.  Finally, we’re empowered to stand in our truth and be who we are.  Here’s my top pics for simple grounding practices.

writing image

Journal Prompt

When did you first feel uncomfortable in your body?  When did you first “feel FAT?”

What was going on at that time?  Reflect on your sense of safety and security.  Reflect on what you remember your relationship to food being like then.  Just notice.  Don’t analyze.

Poses for PEACE

Practice these simple static postures for 8-10 minutes each morning this week then anytime you need a time out.  I recommend a few before each meal to enhance mindful eating.

I'mHereTadasana: Mountain Pose

Stand with feet hip width apart, legs straight without locking the knees.  Drop your tailbone down and open the lower belly.  Stretch up tall through heart center and relax your shoulders open and down.  Shift the head back so the neck aligns with the rest of the spine.  Chin is level with the ground and hands rest at the top of the legs.  Breath all the way down into your feet connecting fully with the supportive energy of the earth.  As you exhale draw strength and grace up through your body.  Continue deep breathing with this visualization for at least 2 minutes.

Apanasana: Knees to Chest Pose JNApanasa

Lie on flat on your back for a few breaths.  Really let your back body release into the earth.  Let yourself be held.  Draw one leg into the chest and extend the other away.  Cradle your legs in your arms relaxing the lower back and hips.  Breath easy for 1 minute then switch sides and do the same.  Finish with both knees hugged in to complete the pose.


Balasana: Child’s Pose

Kneel on the earth and bow forward.  Shift your hips back over your heals, spread the knees wide and let your belly and heart drop down.  Extend your arms out in front a bit wider than your shoulders and press your palms into the ground.  Breathe fully and evenly both in and out.  Your forehead rests on the earth too or place a folded blanket or block to support the head.  Imagine your breath running up and down the length of the spine from crown to tail bone.

Nurture through Nature

Nothing grounds us like mindful time in nature.  Go for a walk in the woods without your phone.  Place your hands on a rock.  Play in a grassy field. Hug a tree, seriously!  Returning to the earth is the fastest way to return to our Selves.  Not a nature girl?  Just go out in your back yard and practice mountain pose barefoot.  The electromagnetic field of the earth will help rebalance your energy body.  If you really want to know peace, practice savasana (corpse pose) for a full 20 minutes directly on the ground.  I promise you’ll feel renewed.


Thanks for being here!

I welcome you to share your experiences with this week’s blog.  Questions are always welcome too.

Joyfully rooted,




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