Do You Have A Dream Too?

“I have a dream…”

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We all know this famous quote. We all know about Dr. King and his courageous work to end inequality. WeMLK all have our own dreams too yet if you’re like most, you don’t believe they are nearly as important as Dr. King’s. Perhaps you keep it hidden or talk about it but never do anything about it. Maybe you think it’s stupid, selfish or unattainable.

I’m not taking about dreaming of winning the lottery and buying a tropical island. Or dreaming of telling off your ignorant boss and walking out. I’m talking about the dreams that are born of your soul. The ones that pull at your heart and keep coming back no matter how hard you try to ignore them. These are the dreams that would change you forever. The ones that would likely require your whole life to change. The ones that would force you to go against the grain and surrender all control.

What’s that dream for you?

My guess is that when you think about your BIG dream all kinds of reasons NOT to pursue it come up. My guess is body image is one of those reasons. You feel too fat to be confident in going after what you want or, and this one really gets me, you don’t believe you deserve your dream because of your body. Perhaps stepping towards your dream would force you to be seen, to be in the light. Scary stuff, right?

Dr. King died for his dream. Many others in history, especially it seems to me, those that were making the greatest change; Ghandi, JFK, John Lennon, Lincoln. Yet, here we sit as western women with all the resources in the world at our feet letting our insecurities, especially about our bodies, keep us from feeding our dreams.


This is no blame and shame blog. I am busting your chops for good reason. There is an important link to between our dreams and “The FAT Experience” that goes way beyond the superficial fear of “What will people think of me?” At it’s deepest level, the terror we feel around becoming our BIGGEST, truest, most empowered selves is a form of karma.

One meaning of karma is that it’s a pattern we’re born with that we’re here to work out in this life. The core karmic impression that we all carry is one related to this full self-expression. Which is why when you let your whole self free in the world, it is often dangerous. The best example of which is Dr. King and those like him that were killed in the line of bringing their dreams to life. Our bodies have inherited this fear and when we start to awaken, it shows up and if we let it, it shuts us down. Sure this fear can feel as real as someone holding a gun to your head but 99.9% of the time you are 100% safe because it is simply ego dying off as you dare to chose love and service.

It’s also…actually more, dangerous NOT to bring forth your desires. Number one, you will still feel fat because the energy of Shakti is stuck. When we’re not working on healing through our fear, anxiety and tension, we’ll be trying to control it through addictive activities that destroy us. These are also destructive to our relationships, communities and planet.


How about we go BIG, like Dr. King? How about we stop settling for less, for stress, for pain and work to gain some ground against fear while we’re here. You are a spark of divineness. You are not here to play small. Work with me through Body Karma Healing to change your body image and change the world because your dream matters too.

Aho. Namaste. Amen.


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