Harnessing the Power of Full Moon “Madness”

It’s a Monday after a full moon and when I jumped on Facebook this morning there was much to do about “surviving” the full moon.

Full moons are notorious for making people “crazy,” especially women.  This is simply part of our cultural conditioning to fear The Divine Feminine, one of the 2 major energies that fuel the human journey.  The feminine relates to our less logical, more emotional, intuitive and creative sides.  It relates to darkness (moon) energy as well as the water element, things we have also been taught to fear because we can not clearly see in the dark or below the surface of the water.  We must FEEL our way through it.

Many of us wrestle the feminine within because we can’t control her, at least not for long and not without eventually getting “hysterical.”  When we try to contain Shakti, vritti mind (our fearful ego) goes into overdrive making us feel nutty.  This is a longer discussion and one I explain more fully in my private coaching and workshops.  Rather than fight the light of night, you can use the energy of the moon to move you along your healing journey.  If fact, I’ve found it to be essential to truly healing body and food battles.

I’ve written this poem to help you embrace luna.  We most certainly are more sensitive during this moon phase because our pain, our “darkness” is being lit up.  Take this opportunity to look at it, love it, heal it through otherwise it goes back underground to perpetuate Diet Drama and other distractions to your Divine Dharma.


Body Karma Healing Prayer
Oh Mother Moon guide me,
Help me see into the dark
Hold me tight as I spiral deep into my heart
I promise to be brave
Though trembling full of fear
I accept the call of The Feminine
I will listen
I will hear
I accept myself in all my power
 I will show it to the world
I trust I am protected by you,
By all the ancestors dancing in your light

I’ve partnered with an amazing goddess buddy and put The Body Karma Healing Prayer with an awesome picture of a full moon over the sea to create a prayer card.  Use it to inspire you to PEACE!  Get yours here: Lightworks Wonders.



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  1. I love this, Julie. I’ve noticed (and used!) the stories of “surviving” this or “getting through” that, when instead I can embrace the energy of it.

    • Yes! Embrace the energy. That’s a great mantra for moving through something intense. Thanks for sharing.

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