How Love Works

WARNING: political overtones

Most who know me know I’m a horse girl. Last spring I made a wonderful discovery; thirteen horses right around the corner from my new home. Just one year earlier my daughter and I had to let our own horses move to Texas so they could stay with a herd we promised them they’d never be separated from again. It was a difficult decision after having horses in my life forever so I was ecstatic to meet a new neighbor (we’ll call her Mrs. T) and her herd.

From the get go Mrs. T had a Trump sign in her yard. Being a student of yoga, I tried to not let this affect my experience of her. Throughout the spring and summer my family and I connected with Mrs. T and her herd. She expressed her interest in bringing others, particularly women, to do healing work with her horses. A fabulous idea to me since horses were a huge part of my own healing journey. Before our horses had to move I spent a year sharing their wisdom with my local BKH clients. This opportunity was like winning the lottery twice. I could be with horses again AND offer the equine experience to clients once more. Woohoo!!!

Despite all this awesomeness, resistance welled up in me due to the Trump sign and also things Mrs. T was posting on Facebook that aligned with the disturbing viewpoints of the Republican presidential nominee. I tried to overlook the issues, “rise above it,” accept others in their differing beliefs, practice tolerance, blah, blah, blah. Ignoring my intuition, I kept going back. Mrs. T even tried to get me up riding again, something I hadn’t done since retiring Patrick (who’s now passed on), the equine love of my life that guided me into eating disorder recovery years ago. It was unusual for me to turn riding down but now I understand why.

Come fall undeniable proof of Trump’s misogyny surfaced and I could no longer deny the struggle within. With a heavy but clear heart and a healthy dose of courage I called Mrs. T. I shared that I would no longer be coming to her barn and why. I did so in the most compassionate way possible but without diminishing my truth, my beliefs in equality and women’s rights. I shared that her place no longer felt safe to me, nor did I believe it could be a healing space for women, for anyone, if it aligned with an agenda of hate.

Though difficult, this decision felt incredibly loving, first and foremost, towards myself. I’ve worked really hard to be in a place where I’ll not stay in unhealthy environments or where I’ll remain silent about things that are clearly wrong. Secondly, it felt incredibly loving towards Mrs. T for me be my authentic, human self. It felt disrespectful to ignore the important issues just so I could be with her horses.



For a few days I grieved. I felt the lose of the horses, the friendship, and the dream of another horse based healing place for my local clients. I figured that with truth, with love comes great sacrifice. Then something magical happened. Just five days later I took to the mat with a new private yoga student. One that was also struggling with all that was being revealed in this election. I shared how I had to let go of the herd next door because of it and she exclaimed, “You should come to our barn!” She went on to describe an interesting horse up for lease. In every way this horse sounded like my Patrick; from breed, to size, to color, to personality. Just eight days after realigning with love I met Seattle. We were a perfect match!

This is how love works.

The story grows from there. This new barn community is filled with progressive, proactive women who “get” the deep spiritual significance of the the human-horse relationship. Two of them are both experienced horsewomen and therapists also wanting to bring what I call “the yoga of horses” to those on a path of personal growth. This is how love works. By being true to our own sacred hearts, by letting go of the way we “think” things should be we open ourselves to even more abundance. Things happen that are even better than what we can imagine. I know these cosmic principles well and have put compassion in action many times in my life but it always blows my mind. Make no mistake, it’s hard work but the payoff is priceless.

Know that Body Karma Healing is here to support you in being authentic and brave so your dreams can come true too. Join me in 2017 to cultivate BIG love in your life through the path of yoga for body peace and self-empowerment.

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