I Will Speak Up

It’s been 2 weeks since the election. Two weeks since I held my 15 y.o. daughter at 3 AM as we cried together in fear for our earth, for women, for the LGBT community, for immigrants, refugees and all non-white “Americans.” I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster that I’m sure is what landed me in bed with a fierce cold. In slowing down and reflecting on it all and searching for what’s most important in this tumultuous and disturbing time in our country, I keep coming back to the words of one young lady upon hearing the news Mr. Trump had “won.” 

abbysummerloveAbagail is a 5th grader in a new school this year. That’s her in the pic enjoying some watermelon and striking a yoga pose to make me laugh. She’s one powerful little Goddess I’ve know since she was in diapers. I’ve never known her to take shit from anyone having grown up with two big brothers and supported by an awesome mom and wonderful Waldorf School community. However, like most of us, she was starting to struggle a bit being the world and finding her way, especially with recently changing schools.

Two weeks ago, Abby came downstairs and her mother shared the election results. Abby paused and said to her mama, “I thought that might happen.” With a heavy heart Abby’s mother posed a wise and beautiful question to her daughter, “So what’s different about today?” Thoughtfully, Abagail answered. “Well mom, ya know how I told you that my work group in class had the wrong answer yesterday and I knew it but I didn’t say anything.” Yes.” her mother responded. 

“Well from know on, I will speak up.” 

This sums it up for me. What we are facing is not something new. It’s been there, under the surface like an undiagnosed cancer doing unknown damage, getting stronger in the darkness. Now, it’s all exposed and it can be addressed but it takes courage like this, courage in our everyday, seemingly uneventful lives. It’s on this small scale that the world truly changes. All it takes is a brave heart willing to risk the lose of love and approval, of perceived safety in the status quo. All it takes is for us to stop being quiet about what is clearly wrong. 

I invite you to follow Abby’s lead. No matter how small the act may seem, speak up. It can be as simple as speaking up against your own inner critic or as big as calling out body shame, racism, misogyny and other forms of violence that keep us from evolving into the best version of humanity we can be. 

So, how is today different for you? 


Quote: Angela Davis, Photo: Susan Alzner, Activitst: Ani DiFranco

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Peace On


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  1. wow. this is awesome. if you ever wanted you could do workshops at the house. Marin needs YOU. you are so wonderful and delightful.! Thank you.

    • Thanks Nancy! I would love too! Let’s see what we can create in the new year. I have a colleague in your area that I can collaborate with and your B&B is a perfect place for guests to stay.


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