PEACE Coaching

Does your body image keep you from enjoying life and having a healthy relationship with food and/or exercise?

Does insecurity get in the way of pursuing your dreams?

Julie&JaimieAssitLearn to make lasting lifestyle changes that allow you to live your awesomeness and share BIG love with others. Coaching empowers you to:

  • shift painful body image, i.e. “feeling fat” to feeling free, light and energized

  • mindfully manage stress & emotional eating

  • heal through food/exercise “addictions”

  • break cycles of yo-yo dieting & on-off exercise

  • end food preoccupation: constantly thinking about food (what & what not to eat) 

  • release chronic feelings of fear, guilt, shame & grief about your body & life 

This in-depth experience also guides you in:

  • breaking life long patterns of self-sabotage

  • developing self-care practices that enhance creativity & resilience  

  • clarifying your life’s purpose & cultivating the courage to pursue it 

  • removing the most common obstacles women face to feeling fulfilled  

  • creating peaceful & productive relationships in all areas of your life

  • serving your family, community & Mother Earth with greater ease

Complete Discovery Session Application (click HERE) to register for a free 30 minute consult call. Pricing is reviewed at this time with no obligation.

Sessions include:

  • active practice of signature BKH yoga & meditation techniques

  • direct teaching of yogic philosophy as it applies to your unique journey

  • mindful eating & exercise activities

  • nutrition, yoga & meditation education

  • small business consulting (if applicable) 

In person sessions are currently held at Palladium Counseling in Fairlawn, OH. Home visits in the Greater Akron & Cleveland area are considered case by case. Distance sessions via Skype.*

“I can hardly believe the work you do. After our second session I simply felt that I was no longer fighting with my body. I’m not thinking about food nearly as much as I used to. I don’t need it for “comfort” now, rather simply for the energy and pleasure.”

Sharon S.-Akron, OH

“Julie has a gift for helping me see inside my own heart to the Truth of myself in mind, body and spirit. She’s shown me how to love myself for exactly who I am in every moment.”

 Deb B.-Solon, OH

“I’ll tell ya what, I couldn’t walk this path without you. The word thanks doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude.”

Maureen  J.-Rocky River, OH

“I am so excited by the work so far. I feel a shift already in my relationship with my body and general outlook. I’m seeing the value in extending kindness towards myself, which has always been difficult for me.”

Susan O.-Brunswick, OH

“Julie has been a mentor to me in treating clients with eating disorders.  She’s taught me the importance of compassion, to have patience and to expect uniqueness in each individual. She has a heart of gold and the will to help everyone find happiness and joy in life. I encourage anyone struggling with self acceptance or self care to have confidence that Julie can help them make a difference.”

Julie Lipowski, RD, LD,

*Clients with active eating disorders are required to have a treatment team in place to engage in PEACE Coaching.  Referrals provided as needed and Julie will collaborate with other team members.