Let’s practice together for peace, within and without…

Yoga for the Journey to Peaceful Body Image

Enjoy this gentle, 30 minute beginner level session designed to help you  return to your True Nature by transforming “feeling FAT” to feeling FREE. The practice is set to an enchanted winter scene on the very land that helped me heal from painful body image 20 some years ago. Created in 2010 during my second huge personal awakening, this offering kicked off Body Karma Healing in a BIG way. Along with recovery, it’s one of the bravest things I’ve ever done. May it serve you in knowing your fullest potential for peace. Read more about it below and access it here for free!

Here’s what others have shared about this video:

“I’ve never completed a yoga video at home and was hesitant to try again. On a day I felt stressed and disconnected I did this. Not only did I finish it, I felt calm and empowered which prevented the emotional eating I often go to when unsettled.  In a word, your video is kind.”

~Antionette Nethery,  Counselor

“Your video is perfect! It speaks right to how I am feeling and your words lift me up inspiring my work towards real recovery. One beyond simply stopping behaviors and being what’s judged a healthy weight.”

~Carrie B, PEACE Coaching client


“Julie-You have taught  me to be more comfortable and confident in my own skin. Your courage, strength and ability inspire me!”

~Michelle Riley, NEO Garden

MayraPpic“This video was so beautiful it made me cry! I’m not sure if it’s because I know you that the words were more meaningful, or if your instruction caused me to uncover some trapped emotional energy– perhaps both. You are a gentle and gifted teacher. I plan on practicing daily with you! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful craft with me.”

~Mayra Porrta, Sunny Day Publishing

“Julie-I watched  your video and have been using it almost daily. It’s so beautiful! The studio and setting with the snow falling and nature shots are absolutely exquisite. The practice was inspiring and peaceful.  You look like a radiant Light Being! I loved that you wore no make up and you transmitted outer and inner beauty!”

~Mary Jo Oklesson


“The tone and beauty of this offering are a perfect compliment to anyone’s healing process. I love it!”

~Kathleen Pichola, PhD: Holistic Psychologist and Artist Lightworks Publishing, Inc.

Worthy You Practice 

Roll out your mat for a full hour of yummy yoga to remind you of your innate awesomeness and clear all the crap that makes you forget that.

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